Happy 11 Months, Elliott!

Happy 11 Months, Elliott!  As you can see, getting a “chair picture” of this increasingly wiggly one is quite challenging.  It was definitely a two grown-up job, with Jordan throwing him down and tickling him to get that second pic.




Favorite Activities: This boy loves pretty much everything.  At home, his favorite toy continues to be his sister’s guitar.  He loves to go over to the toy bin and dig through there.  He recently loves standing at his sister’s kitchen and rummaging through all the treasures there – everything from rosaries to baby bottles to waffles to music boxes.  He loves to dance – just like his big sis did and does.  He often jiggles his head and body from side-to-side so fast that he almost topples over.  He also loves joining in anything his sister does.  Below, he’s at Natalie’s ballet class recital.


Can anyone around here teach me to plié?

Milestones: Elliott is a textbook crawler.  He can easily pivot from crawling to pulling himself to standing to holding on with one arm.  No solo walking yet.  A little solo standing (says Dad).  He loves to clap.  He has given a few kisses.  He knows some sign language, like milk and all done.  He loves to talk.  He doesn’t wave good-bye or hello yet.  And, he weaned himself off his paci, which is awesome!  No need to worry (knock on wood) about another 3-yr-old in this fam lusting after his/her paci, even months after giving it up.

Favorite Foods: What doesn’t Elliott eat?  From lasagna to salmon, broccoli to avocado, Elliott can put it down.  He’s often the first at the table and the last to leave.  Foods like lasagna (he loved Grandma’s lasagna) often require a post-dinner bath.  The only thing he doesn’t seem particularly fond of is his baby cereal.


Hey, it takes a lot of food to maintain this physique!

Personality: Curious, Busy and incredible Good-Natured.    And helpful.  Below, he is helping Auntie Leah write her cover letter.


Auntie Leah, I actually think you could use a stronger example to highlight your skills as a fishery biologist.  How about this instead?


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