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Perhaps the only ones who will think these are cute are Jordan and me…. or perhaps maybe even me, if you really needed to be there.  But I love some of the things Natalie is thinking about lately!

NATALIE: “I love my mom.  I love my bro Elliott.  I love myself, OF COURSE. (bringing hand to chest)  I love my Daddy.  I love my Grandma….”


Three days after we went to an open house, where there were 2 cats and Natalie spent the entire visit chasing them around, trying to figure out why one of them was shy.

NATALIE: “Mommy, do you want a kitty?”

ME: “No, they make me sneeze…. do you want a kitty, Natalie?”

NATALIE: “Um, well, we do have Hello Kitties”.

ME: “Yes, yes!  We have lots of Hello Kitties – a Mama Hello Kitty, 5 smaller Hello Kitties, and a Little Tiny Hello Kitty too.  And Hello Kitty undies and shirts.  We have a lot of Hellow Kitties.  We should stick with those types of kitties.”


NATALIE: “I’m thinking of something….. It starts with an N and ends with Linville!”

DADDY: “Hm…. Natalie Linville?”

NATALIE: “No Dado.  Natalie ANN Linville”


On the way home from the open house on Sun (it was just Natalie and me)….

NATALIE: “I think my little bro is wondering where I am.  He probably misses me.”

(This comment is something she says often.)


During church, when a reader is reading from the New Testament….

READER: “Dear Brothers and Sisters…”

NATALIE: (in a loud hushed voice) “I’m a sister (point to self) and Elliott’s a brother (point to him!  (HUGE SMILE)


Elliott, Natalie and I were playing in the grown-ups bedroom this morning, and there was a pic of Jordan and me from a 2007 trip to San Francisco.   Elliott was literally falling off the bed to get it.

ME: “I think Elliott is wondering where you and he are…”

NATALIE: “Elliott, that’s before we were born (sounds like borned).  We were in heaven with God and Jesus.  Yeah, we were in heaven.  It’s okay that we’re not in that picture.  Later Mom and Dad decided we should be born.”


I’m sure I’m missing gobs of gems – I’ll try to add them as I remember!  I just heard another peep from Nat, so off I go!

PS One more quick funny thing – the top of our couch is filled with toys.  The only safe place for Nat to keep her stuff away from Elliott.  See below.


And 20 min later… As Natalie cried from her bedroom about not liking the taste and cup of her milk



ME: “I am excited to hear what Elliott calls you when he can say your name – maybe Nat”

NATALIE: “Nat Bug!”


Proud Mama moment…. I just got back from dinner with a couple girlfriends.  Natalie and Elliott go to the same music class as them (with our nanny, but their moms are able to go).  Kate told me that the teacher took out drums…

TEACHER: “Great job using teamwork, kids!”

NATALIE: “Teamwork!  We do that in my house!”



As I referenced in an old post, Natalie didn’t like wearing tights to ballet.  She was supposed to wear light pink – The size 4-6 was too tight (her words), so I even bought the size 6-8 (which actually did fit pretty well).  We lost these after the first day of class, so then for the second class, I had to improvise with some bigger black hand-me-downs.  Those worked fine.  After re-ordering light pink, she refused to wear them in weeks 3-6.  She would say….. “It’s okay to be different.  I don’t mind being different.  Like Rudolph.  His nose was so bright.”  (How can you argue with that???  I pray she always feels like its okay to be different!)

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