500th post – proud of my kiddos!

(This is our 500th post!!!)

I’m so proud of my kiddos! Its amazing what they know and how smart they are and how they approach their world.  A couple things from the past 2 days that I just want to remember…

1. Jordan is going to NY for work for a couple days.  Elliott told me that he wants to go to New York with his Dad so that he could ride the trains.  Jordan suggested that he could take a video and a picture and asked Elliott, “what color train do you want me to ride – the blue line, the red line?”  Elliott looked at him dumbfounded, as if to ask “what do you mean?”  “Dad, the trains are colors – they are letters!”  (He remembered that from one train trip back in early March!)

2. When I was putting Elliott to bed two nights ago, he sang to me “Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun… You’re in Asia now”.

3. Neighbors invited us over for a cookout of (caribou) hot dogs on Sunday.  Natalie knows the two girls (ages 4, 2) whose house we went to from church and a couple play dates, but didn’t know two other girls (ages 7, 4).  When we talked in, the girls were engaged in swinging each other in this hammock.  It was a bit crowded and chaotic and Natalie wasn’t sure how she fit in.  So, after observing for a bit, she went up and said “Can I play too?”  They said, “of course!”  She was so proud and excited about this; she told me before bedtime about how she was kinda uncertain and sounded relieved at the response.  It’s not easy being new, and Natalie has just done a great job of connecting with kids and making friends.  (As for Elliott, he is happy to be by other kids  but he loves to be by Natalie the most.  On a side note, we read a customized Frozen book that Nana had gotten Natalie, where she is a character in the book and also had a friend Vivian in the book.  He said he would like a “Cars” version of that – and I asked who he would want his friend to be.  He thought about it and quietly said Drew, who is the younger brother of one of Natalie’s friends but also at least a year older than Elliott.  I then said, “you can also choose Natalie.”  He exclaimed, “yes, I want Nat-lee!”)





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