A goof Thx

These pics are in no particular order but definitely all being a smile to my face.

1. Roro continues to be a HUGE part of the family. Dad and Elliott even hold his “hands” (that little collar) during dinner prayers. Note – Elliott has also been wearing those stegosaurus pjs often to assist on his impending transformation into a Dino. He is hoping the full transformation happens by his fifth birthday, which is about 62 days away. (The countdown has begun). He says his backbone is the beginning of spikes. His tailbone is the start of his tail. And his teeth are changing to be more shell shaped which is better for eating plants. Tonight he told me he hoped he would be in the newspaper soon – as the first Dino to live in human times. “I will be so famous”

2 no idea what victory he is celebrating here but mind you, it’s zero degrees outside. And did you see that he is in the midst of housing a bag of raw almonds. What kid likes that for a treat!!?

3. Not sure what he is doing here but you can tell he loves superheroes and his construction plate from Nana!

4 and 5. His bff Ethan and he got dressed up super goofy on their play date. We hear about Ethan at least 12 times a day. The other day Elliott asked me if I knew his middle name!

Tonight at bedtime Elliott said he wished we were made together. It’s great to be so loved. We laugh about how we would argue if we went to his school or my work. We decided I would have to start teaching at his school.

And when I gave him a kiss good night he double “dabs” it in to keep it. And makes me do the same. He does this for every one, every kiss. “Dab dab” has been going on for like two months!

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