Snow Day

We got about one inch of snow and school was cancelled today. Natalie’s 5th day of cancellation or late start. :(. These New Englanders aren’t Midwestern tough.

On the bright side, in between conference calls, we got in some very creative play.

Nat made her own closet for Stella and perfected the set up in her room. (Warning to Daddy who is away – she moved her dresser and lamp on her own to make room).

And Elliott had me trace his body to make a pint-size Optimus Prime (with a chocolate bar below his feet because why not?)

And they each helped each other out. Nat helped color. Elliott helped make hangers.

Natalie also read to her bro in bed this morning while is showered!!! When we were reading before bed tonight, E wasn’t quite as happy. Nat tooted and E shouted “get me a blanket! SOS! SOS!”

And Nat organized her Girl Scout cookies! I used to love doing that with my mom and sisters for the whole troop. This order was smaller – 22 with Tagalongs taking the lead as most popular. Although Nat should get extra commission for up-selling S’mores cookies to both Grandma and Jira even though they are $1 more!

I’m such a lucky Mom. We miss our Dado who is in Scottsdale. He’s pretty lucky right now too.

Okay… now the downside, off to work on a contract. The same one I was working on at 6:15am.

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