More Midwest Pics

our Midwest trip also included stops in Pittsburgh, Indy (family wedding) and Chicago/Barrington (Chi for Hamilton for our 14th anniversary and Barrington at Kathy and Bills gorgeous country home with a swimming pool area that the kids love). Here are some pics!

Hamilton! Amazing. Great call on the matinee version 🙂 Elliott really wanted to go too (his friend had gone), but we didn’t find that out until afterwards. Great anniversary gift from my cute hubby.

We walked around Millennium Park a little after the show (before meeting friends for food) – this brought back super fun memories. N&E loved this fountain.

Yummy veggies from Nana’s garden. And Lala time too@

The Santucci crew (8, 6, 4, almost 2) came up to visit! Kate and I lived together with 4 other girls senior year of college.

E has been loving on Lala for almost 5 years (I think the feeling is mutual)

Two of my 3 most handsome (matching) boys. It was a super hot day, so E couldn’t wait to get this shirt off. Conor was probably being held by a fam member during this pic. I’m hoping Jordan (hint hint) posts a full-family picture in here – this is all I had from the wedding.

GB Packer swing in Bear Country! Oh yeah! (Check out the background for the great view of N&P’s pool overlooking the forest area)

Cousin time! Clayton just turned 6.

Conor is obviously loving his time with Aunt Jira, right before we left for the plane. You cannot tell but Aunt Jira is pregnant with #2 “Jelly Bean” (a boy), due in Nov. We’re excited to meet our little cousin!




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