Day 71

Work has gotten crazy busy.  I’m leading the planning for phase 1 of reopening offices, as well as the district’s overall reopening plan for the fall.  And Jordan had a work “retreat” (virtual) this week, so he wasn’t really able to help out with “learning time” as much. Here’s an assortment of pictures from the last month.  Kids are in great spirits, all things considered.  Conor is 16.5 months old.  His favorite things are:

  • Waking up E and wanting to play Zombies music on his Alexa (which E really doesn’t like because he has the Alexa teed up for his Harry Potter book)
  • Waking up N and playing a dancing bear in her bed (she looks like a dazed teenager when she wakes up, but is always nice to C about it)
  • Lotion (including tasting it)
  • Chalk (including tasting it)
  • Water bottles (I don’t even have any bottles any longer… he’s stolen them all)
  • Balls (especially throwing in the bushes)
  • Bike rides (we go almost nightly now)
  • Reading (I think I’ve read “Everything is Mama” by Jimmy Fallon 6x today already)
  • Being outside (thankfully, there are less cars in the streets)

Just exploring the garden (which I do not attend to)

Big man on campus! Bike riding!!!

Thanks for the masks, Nana! (Jordan and I use them at least a few times a week for the grocery, CVS, etc.)

We have pizza at least once a week… we’re in the midst of a taste competition. Can any pizza beat Bona Vita’s cheese and sausage? (So far, no… but I’m wondering what the kids think of Giordano’s when we hopefully go to Chicago this summer!)

More taste testing… with a tiger stuffed animal that Natalie got for donating to WWF (after Elliott first thought of the idea of donating to save the rhinos)

Nat was so kind to video tape me and hold up my Spanish talking points for a teacher appreciation video we made for work

Everyone is learning piano! (Well, except Mom, although I do have a crush on the piano teacher)

Do you see this rat tail?!? Ugh – totally want to cut that off.

For Mother’s day weekend, Elliott and I got to read books together in bed one morning… he couldn’t decide which one to start with (eenie meenie minnie mo – sp?)

Conor loves Flash Flash – Elliott’s prized gift from his 2-year-old bday (from Nana and Pop)!

Ball! (Conor loves throwing tennis balls from the front porch into the thick bushes… I’ve spent at least an hour of my life digging through bushes in search of tennis balls. Btw, doesn’t he look stylin’ in this outfit?!?)

Elliott’s geometric creation – thanks for the suggestion teacher Becky!

Hiking in Wilbraham…. LOVE!

I wonder how the white chalk tastes. Yuck. I wonder how the green chalk tastes. Yuck. I wonder how the brown chalk tastes. Yuck. But shouldn’t it taste like chocolate? Let’s try again. Still Yuck. What about the green again? Mom, how do I get this taste out of my mouth?

Natalie’s first play date in 10 weeks… following social distancing guidelines, of course. She did not like that I said hi to them from my bedroom window… and she is not going to like that I took this picture. And she reads the blog now too, so I’m going to get in trouble. I love you Natalie!

Cuddle time with Daddy… and his water bottle

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