Habitat Haikus

Aunt Leah has kindly taught five weeks about habitats to her neices and nephews.  To wrap up the unit, she asked each kid to share a habitat haiku.  Elliott helped me write mine because I didn’t know the components of one.


A habitat is
Water, shelter, space and food
That makes a great home


Habitats are so cool
A habitat is the woods
Isn’t that awesome?


Four requirements
Shelter, water, food and space
Make a habitat

I had saved this post in drafts and forgot to post  so now I’m adding on from leahs Facebook post a month later



One of the best things to come from quarantine was hanging out with my niece and nephews during our weekly “Science Class with Auntie Leah!” After 9 weeks of learning about HABITATS, it has come to an end. These kids are so smart, excitable, and interactive… it has been such a pleasure to spend time with them while I live so far away. And now they all desperately want to spend months on end with Auntie Leah and Uncle Lee in Alaska – mission success!

Classes held:
– Habitat overview
– Food
– Water
– Shelter
– Space
– Deep Sea
– Polar Habitats
– Deserts
– Caves


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