Happy Birthday Jordan! And Field Day

May 29th started with the kids field day… after 75 minutes of trying to keep balloons in the air, high knees, jump rope, bean bag toss, and many things with balls, we took a break and need to revisit today (Saturday May 30th).

To celebrate Jordan’s birthday, I picked up Portuguese food because we were supposed to leave for Portugal (for our 15-year wedding anniversary trip – it would have been the first time we had ever been away from the kids for a week… and in fact, my first time ever being away from Conor for even a night).  Natalie and I also made a peanut butter chocolate crust pie.  And we had a post dinner family swim (well, I was the lifeguard – its wasn’t warm enough).  Hence the no-shirt birthday pictures.  The kids did an amazing job with their cards.  Natalie also worked it out with Grandma to send Jordan’s favorite peanut butter chocolates for Seroogy’s, but super unfortunately, the place I hid it (above the fridge, in a box, in a plastic bag) was ransacked by a mouse.  GRR.  Something to address today.

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