May pics

There is so much joy and busy in our lived so I seldom blog. Here’s stuff I’m trying to remember. Conor loved to wear Elliott’s baseball helmet backwards and now has his hand me down “mitten” (aka mitt)

Conor tells us no for everything. This morning I said hi. He said no hi. Natalie says you’re my buddy boy. He says no boy. I say that’s E’s bus. He says no E’s bus. (It is!)

natalie had a great soccer game today. She is dribbling the ball more. She kept the ball in bounds which resulted in a throw in which led to a goal. Grandma is in town and could watch.

we had yummy Collins compost at Collins creamery. It’s brownie ice cream with Oreos. Yum. E and I made the right choice  it’s the ice cream place that smells like cows 15 min south of us in CT

Elliott has been growing his rat tail since the start of covid  he calls it his life source  I need to try to figure out how to braid it for first communion tomorrow

our favorite book series right now is wings of fire  who would have thought I could get into dragon mystery  ? I’m six books in!

Jordan and I got a long weekend in Ogunquit Maine. We were supposed to go to Portugal last year for our 15 year anniversary. This was our makeup trip. I wanted to stay within driving distance of the kids. It was the best. I want to go back.

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