Elliott’s Birthday Parties

Elliott’s 9th birthday was celebrated across 3 states:

  • Medieval Times in Chicagoland on March 5. Natalie, Grandma, Dad, Miles, Joe, Luca and I joined you for an afternoon of eating oversized chicken wings and other food with our hands while cheering for the Black Knight to win.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Party – turned Elliott bday party in Florida on your actual birthday. You started with parasailing that morning (on the scary scale, where 1 is you’re sleeping and 10, you’re so terrified you’re peeing in your pants, you said it was 1.5… but you gave it a 10 on the fun scale). You built epic sandcastles on the beach with Clayton and Natalie.  And Florida family came over for a dinner of brats – and best of all, french silk pie.
  • Sonny’s Place in CT/MA on March 26. Ethan, Teddy and William joined you for laser tag and minigolf – with a rain delay half way through which turned into an ice cream break.

He’s a pretty lucky guy, in my opinion!

I also wrote him a birthday limerick:

There was a sweet boy named E-man
The mighty rhino he was a big fan
He parasailed up high
Ate lots of french silk pie
I thank God he’s part of my clan.

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