c: When I’m supposed to go to heaven, I’m going to hang on a handlebar on my playground so I cannot go.

C: well maybe I will hang onto my mommy’s water bottle and mine so we can drink a lot of water.

c: Will I float in heaven

el: yes you can do anything you want as long as it’s a green choice.

c: what if I make a red choice.

e: I wonder what god looks like

c: does he have white hair.

e. Nobody knows. Could have white hair. Could be a boy a girl. We don’t know.

c: I know! I saw a picture at my school. God says you cannot lie. Well you can just like a little bit.

e. You lied today. (Referencing when Conor denied breaking his Lego bridge. )

c. Well I just lied a little bit. One time.

c: I’ll be so happy when I see mom and dad in heaven. Brother and sister will take care of me.


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