Happy 1st Birthday, Natalie!

Natalie turns 1!  Thank you for all sharing in what has been the most incredible year of our lives.  Natalie is an absolute joy.

I was a really cute newborn!

Yay! I'm one today!

It’s a little hard to believe that 366 days ago, we were heading to the hospital and we basically knew the following things about “Lentil”.

  • She is a girl
  • She liked to hang out on the right side of my stomach
  • She was active at night
  • She liked Tums, bananas and pizza.  She disliked lettuce, chicken, and Cracklin Oat Bran.  She especially hated the smell of coffee.

Although some of those things are still true (especially the love of bananas), I am so thankful that we know her so well.  Some of our favorites:

Personality: Enthusiastic.  Curious.  Opinionated.  Eager to keep up with her older girlfriends. Fun. Sometimes a bit of a prima donna.

Favorite Activities:  Dancing, Music, Exploring, Crawling, “Walking,” Going to the Park (haven’t done a lot of that lately), Taking Baths, Keeping up with her older girlfriends, “Chasing” anyone up or down the stairs, Playing “Peek a Boo” (e.g. “sneaking” up on Daddy – multiple times in a row), Hokey Pokey, Reading (usually), Sneezing, Making friends off all ages and ethnicities everyplace we go (just this weekend – Corner Bakery for lunch, line a Wal-Mart, Church, Grocery store)

Daddy’s Top Activity:   “Every morning, as I’m making breakfast before work, Erin and Nataile ‘sneak’ up on me.  This consists of Erin carrying Natalie down the hallway and telling her (loudly) that they are going to surprise me.   Then they jump out into the doorway and yell, ‘Surprise!”  And then they do it two or three more times.  Natalie always grins ear-to-ear, and I’m always very, very surprised.”

Mommy’s Top Activity: Storytime.  Nearly every morning and evening, we read stories in my and Jordan’s bed.  Natalie leans back against me.  I usually give her a choice between two stories – she’ll eagerly grab one or toss one to the side (nearly always with her right hand).  She enthusastically turns the pages and lifts up flaps.  She often wiggles from the original position and sometimes we end up tummy-to-tummy – and then she falls over, at which point, I tickle her.  So much fun!

Least Favorite Activities: Being on the diaper changing table, Riding in the car for too long, Seeing mom and not being able to eat right away, Shopping for more than 8 min

Milestones: High Fives, Clapping, Crawling, Pulling herself to standing, Sitting after standing, Pointing, “So Big”

Super Cute Things in the Past Week: Blowing kisses, Giving kisses, “So big”, Starting to imitate what we do, Pointing (sometimes, I even get a double point, when she’s really excited to see me)

Favorite Foods: Fruit – especially blueberries, bananas and strawberries.  O’s.  Peas. As of an hour ago, a new soup I made. The list could go on and on – she likes to eat a lot.

Favorite Books: Five Little Lady Bugs, Please Baby Please, Karen Katz’s “lift the flap” books like Where’s Baby’s Belly Button? and Toes, Ears and Nose

Although her 1-year-old doctor’s appointment isn’t until Wed, we had to go into the doctor’s last week for her cold, and she weighed 24 lbs, 9 oz.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be rocking the 90th+ percentile again.

This bow is fascinating. Grandma is a really good wrapper

Since her actual birthday is a Monday, we moved up our little family celebration to Sunday.  We went to church (always a blast), opened up a couple presents, and went to Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Although Jordan and I usually like to do birthday waffles, Jordan ate too many cookies last night and wasn’t up for it this morning.  This is probably the only year we’ll be able to get by with not doing birthday waffles and wrapping her presents in front of her (and, to be honest, not getting her many presents at all!)

Daddy's lucky to have two bakers in the house - me and Mommy!

We love you, Natalie, and are so thankful you are here!

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  1. sara says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATALIE! What a sweet, sweet girl you are!!

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