1st Birthday Party: Episode 2

Natalie had a holiday-themed “friends” birthday party in Chicago last weekend.  We were lucky that my parents were able to come – and were such a big help in getting everything ready.  My mom and Natalie were in charge of cupcakes….

Grandma, I love my new kitchen!!! Thank you!!! Wanna try a cupcake too?


I could get used to this....

Many of Natalie’s favorite Chicago friends were able to come celebrate.  The day was a blast – filled with lots of crawling, walking, ripping wrapping paper, and talking. 

Natalie, this is how you REALLY open a present!

Hey, Anna - come back and play with me. I'm gonna get you!

And, Santa even showed up!  I wasn’t sure how Santa would go over, since after I had invited him, Megan told me that Molly had been scared of Santa – and they were working hard on making him seem like a fun guy.  Santa was 2 for 3 – in terms of the number of kids who cried while sitting on his lap or being near him. 

Who is this strange guy who really needs a shave?

Our friend Jeff braved Santa with a smile….

Jeff: Why does Santa smell like Bud heavy?

We had a holiday book gift exchange, which was super fun.  Grandpa helped Natalie open (and later read) “That’s not my reindeer….”

Another present for me to open? Yeah!

Towards the end of the party, Natalie asked everyone to join in for one of her fav games – the Hokey Pokey!

Can I have a birthday party everyday?You girls are the greatest friends a girl could ask for!


You girls are the greatest friends a girl could ask for!

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