Church Camp

St. Mary’s church camp is awesome!  4 different bouncey houses – two that are water slides – greet the kids everyday and I think they get to go out 2x/day on them.  But there’s been some other nice highlights too….

Day 1 – Elliott gets to stay after with the neighbor girl & counselor (10th grader) who brings him home.  He gets a free counselor-only watermelon and a piggy back ride part way home.

Day 2 – At dinner, “Mom…. do you know who the King is?”

Me: “Um, no.”

Elliott: “Guess.”

Me: “King Edward?”

Elliott: “No:

Me: “Prince Henry? Prince Charles?  Prince William?”

Elliott: “No… those are princes, not kings.”

Me: “Who is it?”

Elliott: “JESUS!”

And then goes on to sing “Hallelujah, hallelujah, we’re going to see the king.”

Day 3 – He proudly shows me the sign of the cross.  (Woo hoo!  He’s learning more this week than in the past 450 Sundays.)

Day 4 – Elliott is like a rockstar with the kindergarten bible camp counselors.  Every time I go in to pick him up, multiple counselors (all teenage girls) ask Elliott for extra good-bye hugs.  Today, the hugs took so long that we missed the freezes on the way out (which Elliott doesn’t like anyways).

Then, when he got home…. “Mom, I’m so hungry.  I didn’t get to finish my lunch.  Can I finish it now?”

Me: “Sure bud, why?  Was it a short lunch.”

Elliott: “Well, there’s this thing called shout outs and I got called up for shut outs and ran out of time.”

Me: “Wow – cool.  What’s your shout out for?”

Elliott: “I don’t remember. ”


Elliott: “Do you know about the 9:30 choir?  I want to be in that.”

(I’m thinking…. whoa, seriously?  It’s almost all girls.  You’ve never shown interest in it before.  You like to eat O’s and play with cars… and what about when you “help” me be Eucharistic minister?)  but instead I say…. “That’s awesome bud; let me check into it.”

Meanwhile, Natalie is at basketball camp, which she apparently doesn’t like, even though she apparently likes basketball.  And she’s requested pick-up 1.5 hours early b/c she doesn’t like the 0.5-mile walk from the high school to the cold park pool.  Did I mention basketball camp was more expensive too??


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