June 13th email: “And baby makes 5”

Hey family,
We have some news from New England…. Baby Linville #3 (nickname Blueberry) is due on Christmas!
See attached for a pic of Natalie and Elliott with the ultrasound.  They just found out Monday and are very, very excited.  Natalie: “I’m going to be a big sister times 2!”  Elliott: “I’m not the littlest.  I’m a big brother!”
Thanks in advance for prayers and well wishes…. which includes no early arrivals.  I don’t think Nat would be too keen on sharing her bday (Dec 19th) with a sibling!

We love you all.

I feel so lucky the kids have taken the news so well, as Natalie has been telling us (and Elliott) for at least 1.5 years…. “4 is the perfect number family.  If we would have 3 kids, then we wouldn’t get as much time with Mom and Dad.”  So, I didn’t know how she’d take it, and we figured Elliott would take Nat’s lead.
After breaking the news, she even told me: “I totally thought I wouldn’t be excited but I was!  I was like WHAT?  Whoa!”  and later she says…. “I’m going to get to cuddle and kiss on the baby all the time!”
Elliott’s reaction was basically…. “I’m not the littlest!  I’m a big brother!”
They have also done lots of talking at my belly so that the baby can learn their voices.
As my stomach has grown larger (I’m still only 14 weeks but it definitely popped out sooner than it did with the first), Elliott and I have had some more difficulty snuggling.  His favorite snuggle position is me laying flat on my back, and he laying flat on his back on top of me.  As we’ve attempted to find a more comfortable position, I said sorry…. he sweetly goes: “You shouldn’t.”  I said, “I shouldn’t what?”  He continues… “You shouldn’t feel sorry.  You just have a baby in your tummy.”
He has also always loved the story about how, when Natalie was two, I used to read to her on a rocking chair, with her on my lap, but as my stomach grew bigger, she would try to push it to the side to make it more comfortable for her.  Elliott has this image of himself inside me pushing back, saying “Nope, I’m here.  You have to move.”
Jordan came up with the name Blueberry – based on the size of the baby in one of their earlier weeks.  When we told the kids around 12 weeks, the baby was the size of a lime, so Elliott wanted to call the baby Lime.  But Blueberry has stuck – which conveniently, is one of my fav foods these days.
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